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Connection to Gmail & Permissions

Last Updated: May 24, 2018 10:33PM CEST
Mailtrack complies with the European Union's data protection laws. With Mailtrack your data is secure and your emails are private. 

This is the detail of the use of the permissions by Mailtrack:

  • Basic permissions: view your email metadata such as labels and headers, but not the email body. Mailtrack needs this permission to identify your emails and correctly assign the open status (double check marks).
  • Insert email into your inbox: this permission is necessary to add email alerts in your Gmail inbox when your emails are opened.
  • View and manage your basic email settings: Mailtrack needs to know your settings ( alias, design style) to work properly.  
  • Manage mailbox labels: the double-check marks in mobile devices are added as labels. Mailtrack needs this permission to add labels (check-marks) to your emails and update them when your emails are opened.
  • Read, send, delete and manage your email: Mailtrack needs to delete the tracking pixel from your sent emails, so when you open your own emails you do not produce a self-open. The Service does not use the “read” nor the “send” permissions, but unfortunately, those permissions cannot be removed separately. No one at THE MAIL TRACK COMPANY will read your emails, THE MAIL TRACK COMPANY will never send emails on your behalf and will never share the content of your emails.
  • Read and change your data on a number of websites (All sites, All sites,,, Mailtrack modifies Gmail and Google Inbox websites in order to display the double check marks as well as the Mailtrack website. ‚Äč

As detailed in the above permissions, some of them are never used by THE MAIL TRACK COMPANY, but the permission system from Google does not have enough granularity to select only the ones that THE MAIL TRACK COMPANY really needs. Please, check our Privacy Code of Conduct for more information.

You can stop THE MAIL TRACK COMPANY access to your Google account here. In such a case, you will not enjoy the Service anymore.
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