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Mailtrack for G Suite: install Mailtrack for your entire organization in a matter of minutes

Last Updated: May 07, 2018 09:14AM CEST

If you work at a company or organization, you can install the Mailtrack G Suite Marketplace app on all your computers in just a few minutes.

All you need to do is ask your G Suite administrator to follow these simple steps:


1. Either click here to manage your Mailtrack G Suite Marketplace apps directly or from your Admin console, click on Apps: Marketplace apps (Attention: this will only work if you are a G Suite administrator).

2. Click the + icon to add new Marketplace apps and search for Mailtrack. Alternatively, click here to open the app directly.

3. Click the "INSTALL" button and following the steps shown below.

a.   b.   c

4. Once installed, refresh Google Admin Marketplace page, select the newly added Mailtrack app and turn On for everyone or On for some organizations. This authorises access for each of your users.


5. To finally install the extension for everyone, click here to configure the Mailtrack Extension directly or from your Admin console, click on Device management: Chrome management: App Management and then search for Mailtrack using the Find or Update Apps search box (Attention: this will only work if you are a G Suite administrator).

What will this do? It will automatically install the Mailtrack extension to all of your users' Chrome browsers. All they have to do is sign into Chrome with their Google Apps account and Mailtrack will be pre-installed for them and ready to go.

And that’s it! All the users will have Mailtrack installed to their Google Chrome browsers when they next restart it.

Remember, tell your team about it, so they are aware of the change. For each computer, a new tab will be opened automatically asking them to give Mailtrack the necessary permissions, in order for it to work correctly with Gmail.
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