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How does Mailtrack differ from our competitors?

Last Updated: Nov 22, 2018 09:50AM CET
Mailtrack is free and unlimited 

Mailtrack is the leading free and unlimited tracking tool in the market. Most of our competitors place limitations, for example, on the number of tracked emails you can send per day, in particular, with the free version of their apps. 

Mailtrack is simple

Mailtrack is a product for people that love simplicity, elegance, and reliability in email tracking.  The double 
green check marks in your Gmail are very minimalistic and do not interfere all that much with the overall appearance of your email account.

We also have other features that have zero visual impact on your Gmail interface, such as: 

- Real-time notifications: when your emails are opened and links have been clicked
- Reminders: notification when your emails haven't been read after 24 hours.
- Daily Report: analytics about your emails
- We offer a Dashboard where you can see your latest opened and clicked emails. 

Mailtrack is reliable

We prioritize reliability over everything else. By using Mailtrack you can be sure that: 
- Your emails will always be delivered correctly
- Your emails will not go to Spam or Promotions
- Your email open rates will be kept high

We don't offer group email tracking because identifying
 multiple people in a single email may affect negatively the deliverability of your emails, for example, your messages could be classified as Spam or send to Promotions tab. The result is that your emails will be less opened. We prefer not to offer a service that is not reliable enough and will affect the deliverability of your emails. More details about our position on multiple recipient tracking here

Mailtrack is an advocate of continuous improvement

We prefer to focus on improving Mailtrack and not copying feature that other products already do well. For example, we don't offer templates because Gmail already offers canned responses for free (see this tutorial about canned responses in Gmail) Other features, such as syncing with your calendar or mass mail marketing, have already been mastered by other products, so we prefer to concentrate on making our extension compatible with other extensions for Gmail, so you can use Mailtrack together with them. 
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