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Check marks (✓✓) on your phone

Last Updated: Jul 17, 2018 11:26AM CEST
You can get Mailtrack check marks in your list of emails and inside each email conversation

1, Check marks  (✓✓)  in your list of emails (Android and iPhone)

1) Go to your Mailtrack Settings
2) Activate the option “Check marks (✓✓) on your phone.

Note: You need that "conversation view" is enabled in your Gmail settings (it won´t work otherwise)

2. Activate check marks inside the email conversation (only Android)

1) Follow this instructions to Install Mailtrack Add-on for Android

2) Open your Gmail app in your phone and open any email conversation.

3) Scroll down to the very bottom of the email conversation.

4) At the very end where it says available add-ons, you will see a Mailtrack icon

5) Press the Mailtrack icon and then you should have the option to 
a) send a tracked reply 
b) compose a (new) tracked email. 

6) Send a new tracked email. 

7) Open the Mailtrack Add-on again and you will see if your sent email has been opened or not. 

Please note that the check marks will only appear for tracked messages that you have sent from your computer since activating the check marks on your phone. 

The ​Check marks (✓✓)  on your phone feature also isn't compatible with the Inbox app (only Gmail).
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