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Emails "Sent from device without Mailtrack" (grey check marks)

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2019 04:33PM CEST
Issue: Emails sent from a device that has Mailtrack are showing as having been "sent from a device without Mailtrack"...

Sent from a device without Mailtrack tooltip

Explanation: This is likely being caused by how Mailtrack is integrating with your browser.

If refreshing the browser tab containing Gmail doesn't solve the issue, please do as follows:

1) Open a new browser tab and go to
2) Log into a Gmail account that you are not currently using with Mailtrack.
3) Enable Mailtrack on that Gmail account.

Once the Gmail tabs in your browser have finished refreshing then when you send an email from the Gmail account that you normally use with Mailtrack the tracking should start to work. If that is not the case, then please try this:

1) In a new tab in Chrome, copy/paste chrome://settings/siteData then press enter.
2) Search for using the search option provided (as shown in the image below), then click on the trash can to delete the cookies for Mailtrack.

Delete cookies for Mailtrack

3) Refresh the tab containing Gmail 1-2 times then send an email to test whether the tracking works.

If, after trying this, it is still saying that your emails are being   "sent from device without Mailtrack" then you may need to follow the steps mentioned here.
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