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Open alerts received immediately after sending a mail

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2019 12:56PM CET
Issue: Open alerts are received seconds after sending an email.

Explanation: Our tracking pixel is being downloaded immediately after the email's been sent. This could be because:

1) The recipient's email service is automatically downloading our tracking pixel. If you notice that you are receiving open alerts immediately after sending emails to certain (but not all) people then this is likely to be the cause.

2)  Your CRM is automatically downloading our tracking pixel.  Certain CRM software process emails in a way that can cause our tracking pixel to be downloaded. If you're putting a CRM in copy of your emails and are receiving open notifications immediately after sending an email then we recommend that you try sending an email without the CRM in copy to see if you still experience problems.

3) An email program on your computer or phone is automatically downloading our tracking pixel. Some email programs preview the contents of your sent emails and this can result in our tracking pixel being downloaded along with the rest of the email's contents, immediately after you've sent it.
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